Akron Jewish News, an extension of the Cleveland publication, to launch next year

Akron may have lost its Devil Strip post dedicated to arts, culture, and city life, but it’s going to have another new medium soon.

The Cleveland Jewish Publication Co., publisher of the Cleveland Jewish News, announced Tuesday, December 21, that it has reached an agreement with the Jewish Community Board of Akron to publish a new Akron Jewish News, starting in February.

The company says it will publish a monthly newspaper, under the Akron Jewish News banner, which it says will replace the existing Jewish News published in Akron by the JCBA.

“This is the second significant expansion in CJPC’s 57-year history and brings a tradition of independent community journalism to a vibrant Northeastern Ohio Jewish community,” the company said in a press release. . He began publishing in Columbus, where it replaced the old Ohio Jewish Chronicle, in 2018.

Thom Mandel, chairman of the Akron Jewish community board, said he was looking forward to the partnership.

“I think it will improve service to Akron,” Mandel said in the statement. “Our newspaper as we had it had few resources to do anything other than a little community news and lifestyle announcements, things like that. And getting together with CJN gives us the opportunity. to provide better service to the Jewish community in Akron. “

Paul Singerman, Chairman of the Board of CJPC, hailed the vision of creating a news organization connecting two important Jewish communities.

“CJPC is very pleased to expand its reach in the Akron region and to partner with the Akron Jewish Community Council to bring local, national and international information and commentary to the Akron Jewish community. relevant to the Jewish community, ”he said. in the output. “While other news organizations struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, CJPC, with the support of its community partners, has thrived and grown. This partnership with the JCBA is just the latest example of the vision of CJPC management and staff. ”

Kevin S. Adelstein, editor and CEO of the Cleveland Jewish News and the Columbus Jewish News and president of CJPC, will be the editor of the Akron Jewish News. Adam Mandell, vice president of sales for CJPC, will oversee all revenue initiatives for Akron Jewish News.

Jacob L. Thornton