Apprehending failures, University of Punjabi, Patiala, begins stock check of publishing office : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Ravneet Singh

Patiala, May 13

Apprehending the deficiencies in the stocks of published books and their receipts, Punjabi University, Patiala has started stock checking and comprehensive auditing of books in the reserve of the university’s publishing office. Officials said the verification process was launched a year after it was requested by the head of the department.

The verification process includes verification of all the stock of the publishing office, the number of books published and their copies present, sold and used in various ways by the office. “Head of Publication Office – Prof. Rajesh Sharma had requested the verification in July last year. But due to lack of staff in the office of the office, it has been on hold for a year. Now the university decided to complete the process after forming a committee,” an insider said.

Officials said the university formed a three-member committee including faculty members that ultimately decided to do the audit work. They said: “Allegations of stockouts include discrepancies in the publication of the books compared to their receipts.”

Dr Rajesh Sharma said he requested the stock check report after taking over the department last year. “But he was on hold and started now. We had also requested a random check of a number of books from the office, but that was not submitted either. Checking the overall stock is supposed to be done from time to time,” he said.

The university’s vice-chancellor, Professor Arvind, said: “Apparently the stocks of books had not been checked for a long time. So we formed a committee to start the work.

Researchers invited to contribute

A number of academic researchers from various departments were asked to render their services to the office during the verification process. Some of them said, “We are academic researchers, not academics. But instead of staff, we were responsible for lifting, moving and counting the books. There is humidity inside and some areas are even infested with termites.

Professor Rajesh Sharma said students had complained to him about the same. “The way researchers were tricked into lifting books and carrying them was a mistake. I informed senior university officials,” he said.

Professor Arvind, VC of the university, said: ‘Students were only supposed to count the books. But they also did lifting work. The case has reached us. We have appointed enough staff to do the work now.

Jacob L. Thornton