Buratai Kicks Malicious Post, Warns Against False Claims

Former Army Chief of Staff and Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Benin, Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai took issue with a post he called malicious, titled “How Buratai started stealing millions and converting properties 11 days after becoming army chief”. dated April 26, 2022, describing it as nothing more than an attempt to smear his image.

Buratai, through his private attorney, Osuagwu Ugochukwu Esq., described the alleged posting by a man identified as Jackson Ude as a rehash of a rested subject; Properties in Dubai, which he said were laid to rest more than six years ago.

Osuagwu said, “The subject matter that you hastily attempted to rebroadcast to the public has for over six years been put to rest by federal authorities. The Code of Conduct Office investigated the case, cleared Lt. Gen. T. Y Buratai of any wrongdoing, and found him not guilty.

He added that recklessly bringing the same matter into the public domain is an attempt to tarnish the image of the retired army chief and that the culprits would be held to account for their indiscretion within the framework of the law, reiterating that any attempt to raise the issue of the existence of Nigerian Army Properties Limited (NAPL) and the registration of CAC with Rtd Lt Gen.TY Buratai as one of the directors, to paint a picture of illegality is rather childish and mischievous.

According to him, the establishment of Nigerian Army Properties Limited (NAPL) was made by the Nigerian Army in 2006, predating the tenure of Lt. TY Buratai (Rtd) and there are other similar entities registered by the Army CAC Nigerian with such private companies. status.

He said: “These are the Nigerian Army Postal Exchange (NAPEX) and the Nigerian Army Small Scale Drug Manufacturing Unit (NASDMU). Others are the Nigerian Army Social Insurance Scheme (NAWIS), Post Service Housing Development (PhD) and Post Service Housing Savings and Loans (PHL).

He pointed out that contrary to Jackson Ude’s claims, the response sent by CAC on request clearly shows that TY Buratai is neither a director nor a shareholder of Nigeria Army Property Limited, adding that the letter from CAC dated April 27, 2022 and signed by AG Abubakar, the Registrar General, has made it clear that Jackson Ude’s claim is patently false.

Osuagwu reiterated that “with these clarifications, it is now clear that the aim was to damage the image of the retired army chief, urging that the defamatory post be removed in the interest of the truth and equity, otherwise the instrumentality of the law will be enforced.”


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Buratai Kicks Malicious Post, Warns Against False Claims

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