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Annual financial report 2021


Published April 22, 2022 after trading hours

ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT for the period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 AUDITED

Care Property Invest declares that: the 2021 Annual Financial Report has been filed as a Universal Registration Document with FSMA dated April 22, 2022, as competent authority under Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 without prior approval under Article 9 of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129; the universal registration document may be used for an offer of securities to the public or the admission of securities to trading on a regulated market, provided that it has been approved by the FSMA, together with any amendments and a securities note and a summary approved in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/1129.

The Dutch version as well as the French and English versions of this annual financial report are authentic. As part of their contractual relationship with the Company, investors can therefore always use the translated versions. Care Property invest, represented by its persons responsible, is responsible for the translation and compliance of Dutch, French and English language versions. However, in case of discrepancies between the language versions, the Dutch version always prevails.

In 2021, the Company continued to build the sustainable growth of its real estate portfolio.

Care Property Invest nv / Contents

Contents / Care Property Invest nv


I. Risk factors


VI. Real estate report


1. Operational risks


1. Situation of the real estate market in which the Company operates


2. Financial risks


2. Analysis of the complete consolidated real estate portfolio


3. Regulatory and other risks


3. Summary tables of the consolidated real estate portfolio


4. Report of the real estate expert


III. Board report


VII. financial state


1. Strategy: building care with confidence


2. Important events


1. Consolidated financial statements as of December 31, 2021


3. Summary of the consolidated balance sheet and comprehensive income statement


2. Notes to the consolidated financial statements


4. Allocation of the result


3. Auditor’s report


5. Outlook


4. Abridged statutory annual accounts as of December 31, 2021


6. Main risks and insecurities


VIII. Standing document


7. Research and development


8. Capital increases within the framework of the authorized capital


1. General information


9. Own shares


2. Information likely to affect any takeover bid


10. Care Property Invest internal organization


3. Declarations (Annex I of Regulation (EU) No 2019/980)


11. Corporate Governance Statement


4. Other statements


5. History of the Company and its share capital


IV. Care Property Invests in the stock market


6. Coordinated statutes


1. Stock price and volume


7. The public regulated real estate company (SIR)


2. Dividend policy


XI. Glossary


3. Bonds and short-term debt securities


4. Shareholding structure


1. Definitions


5. Financial Calendar


2. Abbreviations


See EPRA 120

1. EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) – Membership



Care Property Invest nv / Risk factors

Risk factors / Care Property Invest nv

The strategy of Care Property Invest aims to create stability for investors, both in terms of dividends and long term income.

The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors are aware of the specific risks associated with the management of Care Property Invest real estate portfolio and aim for optimal management of these and limit them as much as possible. The list of risks described in this section is not exhaustive. Most of these factors relate to uncertain events that may occur.

Based on ESMA’s guidelines on risk factors under the Prospectus Regulation, the Company(1) was, on the one hand, limited to the risk factors which apply specifically to him and therefore not to the entire real estate sector, SIR sector or all listed companies and, on the other hand, to those which are also significant.

General, immaterial or other unknown or improbable risks which, on the basis of the information currently available, are not expected to have an adverse effect on the Company or its business or financial condition, may exist.

Care Property Invest believes that the factors described below reflect the main risks currently associated with the Company and its activities. order in which the risk factors are listed is an indication of the importance, by category (in relation to the likelihood of them occurring and the expected magnitude of the side effect) risk factors. It should also note that risk management is

(1)The term “Company” refers in this annual report financial report to: Care Property Invest sa.

not an exercise carried out only to certain intervals, but an integral part of how Care Property Invest is managed on a daily.

The main risk factors that Care Property The investment faces are regularly interviewed and daily monitoring by the Risk Manager, the Executive Managers and the Board of Directors, who have defined a prudent approach policy on the matter, which they will update regularly if necessary. This will from the daily financial and operational management, the analysis of new investment projects and the formulation of strategy and objectives to the implementation of strict procedures for decision making. Understand and protect against/eliminate risks arising from both internal and external risks. factors are essential to obtain a long-term stable total return.

Since 2019, the Company has set up an Audit Committee whose mission, in terms of risk management, is to monitor the effectiveness of the Company’s risk management systems.

Care Property Invest’s strategy aims to create stability for investors, both in terms of dividends and long-term income.

Turnhout (BE) I Aan De Kaai

Impact of COVID-19

Although the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society as a whole is still being felt at the start of 2021, it may say that the deployment of vaccination programs across Europe, prioritizing residents and residential care staff centres, has contributed to a more positive situation perception of risk in EHPADs, where occupancy rates are on the rise again. The pandemic has therefore not has had a significant impact on Care Property Invest’s financial performance to date, as local governments in severalcountries have approved aid programs that allow healthcare operators to (partially) cover additional costs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, the fundamentals of health real estate remains unchanged, with the pandemic only underscoring the importance of quality care for the elderly.


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