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SAN DIEGO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – December 21, 2021–

Cytonus Therapeutics Inc., a United States-based biotechnology company developing an innovative drug delivery platform technology called Cargocytes, today announced the publication of a peer-reviewed research article in the high impact journal, Nature Biomedical Engineering. The study showed that Cargocytes, which are genetically modified with a GPS-like cell navigation system, can selectively target disease tissues within hours of their administration and produce bioactive therapies at high levels for several days, allowing thus a new modality for the treatment of a wide range of difficult-to-treat diseases which require precise administration of drugs.

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Figure demonstrating transmigration of the cargocyte out of the vascular system (steps 1 to 3) and penetration into diseased tissue (step 4) followed by therapeutic production at the site of the disease (step 4). (Graphic: Business Wire)

The results of the preclinical study provide additional support for the innovative therapeutic potential of the Cargocyte technological platform. In addition, the unique ability of the Cargocyte to penetrate deep into target tissues and act as a “therapeutic factory” in vivo to produce bioactive immunomodulators at high concentrations in this targeted pathological tissue constitutes a major differentiation from straightforward approaches. administration of drugs such as nanoparticles, red blood cells and technologies based on exosomes. The groundbreaking study was led by the co-founder and Scientific Director of Cytonus Therapeutics, Richard Klemke Ph.D., professor of pathology at the University of California at San Diego and the Moores Cancer Center.

“These preclinical animal studies highlight that the Cargocyte platform establishes a new, highly differentiated category of drug delivery and expands our view of precision drug delivery,” said Klemke. “Our Cargocyte product represents a true vertical movement in the field of drug administration and medicine with a real potential for impact on several disease indications. “

“What is remarkable about this study is that it demonstrates the essential role that drug localization plays in the delicate balance between drug efficacy and toxicity. We are all looking for better results with fewer side effects and now we have a stylish way to do it, ”said Remo Moomiaie-Qajar, MD, co-founder and CEO of Cytonus Therapeutics. “For the first time, therapeutics can be produced and secreted at disease sites in a controlled and safe manner. We believe this will allow for greater precision in drug delivery and provide better results in terms of efficacy and safety for patients. “

About Cargocyte ™

Cargocytes are derived from enucleated stem cells and are uniquely engineered with disease-specific targeting molecules to safely transport therapeutic payloads deep into hard-to-reach target tissues. Cargocytes actively produce and release the therapeutic load on site in a controlled, predictable and safe manner. Cargocyte’s proprietary technology platform is the first in its class and has many potential medical applications in unmet therapeutic areas. Cargocytes have been shown to provide a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including RNAs, small molecule drugs, viruses, and gene editing agents.

About Cytonus Therapeutics

Cytonus Therapeutics Inc. is a San Diego-based biotechnology company that develops proprietary immunotherapeutics to address unmet needs in cancer, neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases.

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