David Niven’s political view quoted in national publication

The Republican Party expects big gains in the House and Senate in November, but those gains could be thwarted by recent events such as the overthrow of Roe vs. Wade and Trump’s continued presence in the national spotlight, according to experts quoted in Newsweek.

Among those experts is David Niven, a professor in UC’s School of Public and International Affairs. “The worst-case scenario for Republicans would be for Democrats to successfully convey the truly extreme nature of the Republican agenda on abortion rights and gun safety,” David Niven said.

Niven’s research focuses on political campaigning, gerrymandering, political communication and the politics of the death penalty.

UC’s School of Public and International Affairs grew out of the former Department of Political Science, which dates back to 1914. The school’s experts are regularly quoted in national and international media.

The school is widely known for having academic experts in all aspects of politics, and Niven is a trusted media source often cited for taking the pulse of American politics.

Read the article, which ran on msn.com.

Featured photo at top courtesy of Unsplash.

Jacob L. Thornton