Desis Slam posted for claiming Kim Kardashian wore ‘trendy’ nose rings

Kim Kardashian has often been criticized for her cultural appropriation. She angered Desis in 2020 after wearing gold bangles and a maang tika without any mention of the cultural roots of these ornaments. Previously, she was accused of appropriating Japanese culture and black hairstyles. Last year, things heated up on social media after she wore a pair of ‘Om’ earrings. Earlier this year, she and daughter North West wore Desi-style nose rings nath at Paris Fashion Week.

Now pop singer Lizzo has worn a similar nose ring to the VMAs, and one publication has attributed the “trend” to Kim Kardashian. “Lizzo is following the trend set by Kim Kardashian and daughter North West,” the post wrote. Desis widely criticized this decision. Although the post mentions that nose rings have been a tradition in India for centuries, they state that the “trend” was set by Kardashian sparked Desis on Twitter.

Most were unsure where Lizzo fit into the conversation, as nose rings were also worn by some African tribes. Most of the social media anger was directed at the post for implying that the “trend” was set by Kardashian and her daughter.

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Jacob L. Thornton