Gary Moore’s new biography set to be released in September

Authorized and written with the full cooperation of the musician’s estate, and featuring an in-depth analysis of his instruments and equipment, Harry Shapiro’s Gary Moore: the official biography is due out September 27 via Jawbone Press and is described as the definitive biography of the hero of the northern irish guitar.

Gary Moore has thrilled generations with his passionate guitar playing, driving rock of Slim Lizzy in the 1970s to his explorations over the following decades of jazz fusion, heavy metal, hard rock, blues rock, and more.

All the while he could be seen on the biggest stages in the world, but the real Gary Moore has always been hidden in plain sight, not revealing much. Now, however, thanks to in-depth and revealing interviews with family, friends and fellow musicians – including Ian Paice, Sharon Osbourne, Greg Lake, Glenn Hughes and members of Thin Lizzy – acclaimed rock biographer Harry Shapiro is able to take readers straight to the heart. of Gary’s life and career.

Despite his untimely death in 2011, Moore still has legions of devoted fans around the world who will be captivated by this unique glimpse into the life of a guitar genius who did it his way and whose music lives on. Beginning with Gary as a teenage guitar prodigy in war-torn Ireland and continuing through the many ups and downs of over forty years in rock, Shapiro paints an intimate portrait of a musician widely hailed as the one of the greatest Irish bluesmen of all time.

Moore had a spectacular career with bands such as Skid Row, Thin Lizzy and G-Force, and mainly as a solo artist during which he transitioned effortlessly from heavy rock to blues, taking her denim-clad fans on what would be a hugely successful journey. Moore’s mastery of the guitar has led him to collaborate with stars like BB King and Albert King, Green StoneJack Bruce and Eric Clapton.

by Metallica Kirk Hammett said: “Gary Moore is definitely on my list of top five guitar influences, right up there with jimi hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Michael Schenker. It just blew me away the first time I heard it.

Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard said: “He was a huge influence on the guitar. I probably ripped off Gary Moore more than any other guitarist.

Harry Shapiro is a music writer and journalist. His biography Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy was nominated for the Ralph J Gleason Music Book Award, while Waiting for the Man: The History of Drugs and Popular Music was voted the best music book of the 20th century by the BBC Millennium website. Jack Bruce: composing was published by Jawbone in 2010. His other books include biographies of Eric Clapton, Alexis Korner and Graham Bond.

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Jacob L. Thornton