HarperCollins Announces Publication of ‘Editor Missing: The Media in Today’s India’ by Ruben Banerjee

NEW DELHI, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HarperCollins is proud to announce the publication of the first book assessing the current state of Indian media, written by an “insider” who has seen the big picture. Editor Missing: The Media in Today’s India by Ruben Banerjee; Released May 16, 2022.

Here is the brief summary of the book: This is a time of shrinking space for freedom of expression in India, with growing intolerance of contrary opinions. The right to dissent, which should be the foundation of any democracy, is seriously threatened. There is a widespread belief that we are in an undeclared emergency. Not everyone agrees with that, however, and the jury is out on the state of play in the world’s largest democracy. As accusations and counter-accusations fly, with no unanimity in sight, India’s national discourse, especially its news media, is becoming increasingly divided and polarized.

In Editor Missing, veteran journalist Ruben Banerjee attempts to clarify the state of India’s media at a time when there is no consensus but its absence. The media reflect society and Banerjee is best placed to tell his contested story in contemporary India. As editor of various publications, he witnessed for years the decline of its standards, quality and objectivity. His own experiences reflect the times in which we live. The book provides a rare insight into the minefield a publisher faces today – from the pressures exerted to the risks of upsetting the powers that be. At the end, the reader is left with a chilling realization that defending the truth can come at enormous personal cost in India today.

”Editor Missing is an important book, all the more so because of our troubled times. It’s not just the story of a publisher who disappeared from the action after publishing a controversial cover story that may have angered those in power. More relevantly, the book tells the story of Indian media and the reasons for its decline – from political to financial to the lack of a collective backbone. Largely agenda-driven – both for and against the government – ​​the media lacks balance and objectivity and its credibility is at rock bottom. Citing real names and examples, Editor Missing doesn’t mince words to identify exactly what the issues are. This is precisely why anyone interested in India and Indian democracy should read this book.” – Ruben Banerjee, the author.

”The Indian media has come under intense scrutiny lately, for reasons ranging from a lack of substance to a lack of balance. Ruben Banerjee has observed this world as an insider for decades, and in recent years as an editor and managing editor of mainstream publications. In Editor Missing, he gives us his undiluted view of what is wrong and right in Indian journalism, and in the process presents a picture as stark as it is disconcerting, in a book as captivating as it is disturbing. A must-read for anyone who starts their day with the news in any form – broadsheet, magazine, e-newspaper or social media.” – Swati Chopra, Editor-in-Chief, HarperCollins India.

About the Author: Ruben Banerjee was the Outlook Group Editor during one of the toughest times Indian media has faced and there was never a dull moment. Even the way his editorial management ended was eventful, adding even more drama to a long career marked by many twists and turns.

After starting out as a journalist with Newstime, the now defunct Hyderabad daily, he worked in several states, first as a reporter for the Indian Express and then for India Today. He then went overseas and worked with Al Jazeera for twelve years in Doha, Qatar.

Upon his return and before taking the helm of Outlook, he ran the Hindustan Times National News Network as National Affairs Editor.

This is his third book, following The Orissa Tragedy: A Cyclone’s Year of Calamity and Naveen Patnaik, an unauthorized biography of the Chief Minister of Odisha.

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