Heritage post highlights surviving artefacts from County Cork

County Cork is blessed with a number of outstanding heritage groups and local historical societies, many of which are committed, year after year, to Cork County Council’s ‘Heritage of County Cork’ publication series in submitting details of local sites and photos to form part of each year’s book.

he latest publication in the series, titled ‘Heritage Artefacts of County Cork’, focuses on the county’s fascinating artefacts from earliest times to the recent past. From across the county excellent information was submitted including details of many of County Cork’s museums and heritage centres.

In fact, the publication includes a list of 30 museums and heritage centres, mostly in County Cork, where a fascinating array of artefacts relating to County Cork can be seen.

The book, expertly written by Denis Power and produced by Cork County Council’s Heritage Unit, examines era after era of human life here in County Cork, telling us a little about each through the artifacts still with us today from the specific era in question. . These artefacts include precious items such as the cork horns, the GarryDuff bird and the arm of St. Laichtín, as well as a selection of more everyday items, such as artisan pottery shards, flint tools and clay pipes, which combine to give the reader a unique insight into life in County Cork in the past.

The book is available from a number of bookshops across the county and for more information email [email protected]


Looking back on our past we learn a lot about what has been left behind and thankfully there are several fantastic historical reviews carried out each year by groups that give us insight into Cork’s rich past. A number of these journals have recently been launched.

In North Cork, the Mallow Field Club recently launched its 39th Journal. The latest issue has over 15 excellent articles covering everything from ‘The Old Town of Mallow’ to the Mallow Castle Demesne Lime Kiln and excerpts from the 1921 newspapers are included along with a photo section. The newspaper is available from all the usual outlets, including Philip’s Bookshop, Katies, O’Keeffes and Easons.

Another local newspaper, also recently published, is Changing Times – the journal of the Inniscarra Historical Society, volume 3 of which is now available. The Kilmurry Historical and Archaeological Association has also recently published its first journal, available at the Independence Museum in Kilmurry. It contains over 30 articles, written by people from Mid Cork and surrounding areas and, like the Inniscarra Changing Times publication, is available for just €15.

It is great to see the production of such excellent historical publications – a forever record of life as we know it in the places we collectively call home.


We can learn from our past in many different formats and another popular medium, in addition to publications, is historical documentaries. One such documentary has just been launched by Cork County Council and is called ‘Memorial Documentary on Conditions in Ireland – The County Cork Connection’ – available on the Cork County Council YouTube channel.

Between November 1920 and January 1921, an American Commission hearing into the hardships endured by the Irish during the Revolutionary War was held. In December 1920 and January 1921, seven key witnesses from County Cork gave evidence, which greatly contributed to efforts to raise international awareness of Ireland’s struggle for freedom. Less than a year later, on December 6, 1921, the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed. This documentary highlights the important role played by the people of County Cork who testified in the United States about the hardships endured during the War of Independence and it features interviews with the Mayor of County Cork, Cllr. Gillian Coughlan; Dr John Borgonovo, School of History, UCC and a number of other local historians, with some scenes also re-enacted with modern actors.

This project, which has been supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, adds to a series of other projects undertaken by the County Council Commemorations Committee of Cork, including an exhibition on the War of Independence and the Civil War and the publication of a timeline of major events from the period 1920-1923, both of which will be launched shortly.

County Cork Mayor Gillian Coughlan said “The Evidence on Conditions in Ireland Commemorative Documentary – The County Cork Connection, together with the book Heritage Artefacts of County Cork, are fantastic historical resources for us in County Cork. .

“The documentary is a fascinating insight into County Cork’s role in such an important historical event. It is superbly produced and brings to life the roles played by these important characters from County Cork.

Cork County Council Chief Executive Tim Lucey added: “Cork County Council is proud to recognize our history. These new resources provide insight into our rich and colorful history here in County Cork. What’s great is that these are collaborative projects and are a great way to collect stories from people who live in the county. »

Jacob L. Thornton