Kansas ranked the least beautiful state by travel publication Thrillist

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – There could be two ways to look at this.

Yes, Kansas has been ranked the least beautiful state by food and travel website Thrillist. But at least he made the top 50.

Thrillist disliked the Kansas landscape, praising the state’s residents for essentially liking the unlovable.

“Kansans are resilient, able to find happiness in the simple pleasures of life,” the website states. “Their landscapes, which emphasize the latter half of the ‘Great Plains,’ encourage this enviable character.”

Thrillist says its roster came from independent rankings by its staff and then a roundtable to determine the final order. It doesn’t appear that Kansas took this discussion on board, as the website wondered how to differentiate beauty between “desert and mountains?” Mountains against lakes? Lakes vs forests? Forests versus seaside? Seaside against glaciers? Glaciers versus orchards?

And Kansas doesn’t have many.

Still, Thrilist tried to throw compliments at Kansas, even if they fell a bit behind.

“If the Kansans can love their land,” Thrillist proclaimed, “nobody else has any excuse not to love the bejesus out of theirs.”

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Jacob L. Thornton