Lawyer urges ‘Pointblank’ to withdraw post against Buratai

Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai

A private lawyer for former army chief of staff Ugochukwu Osuagwu has urged Pointblank News publisher Mr Jackson Ude to take down a defamatory post he made against the US ambassador. Nigeria in the Republic of Benin, General Tukur Buratai.

A statement from attorney Osuagwu on Wednesday said: “Your post titled ‘How Buratai Started Stealing Millions, Converting Properties 11 Days After Becoming Army Chief’, dated 26.04.2022, does not is nothing but an attempt to smear the image of Rtd Lt. General TY Buratai, current Nigerian Ambassador to Benin.

“Your post is nothing but a rehash of a repossessed topic: Dubai Properties. The topic you have hastily tried to repost to the public has for over 4 years been laid to rest by the federal authorities .

“The Code of Conduct Office, after investigating the matter, cleared Lieutenant General TY Buratai of any wrongdoing and found him not guilty.

“So for you to now recklessly bring the same matter into the public domain is an attempt to tarnish the image of the retired army chief and you will be held accountable for your indiscretion within the law.

“Finally, your attempt to raise the issue of the existence of Nigerian Army Properties Limited (NAPL) with the CAC registration of Rtd Lt. Gen TY Buratai as one of the directors and thereby paint a picture of illegality is rather childish.

“For your information, the existence of Nigerian Army Properties Limited (NAPL) is legal and having the name of the retired army chief on board is legal.

“For your information, there are other similar entities registered by the Nigerian Army CAC with such private company status.

“These are the Nigerian Army Postal Exchange (NAPEX) and the Nigerian Army Small Scale Drug Manufacturing Unit (NASDMU). Others are the Nigerian Army Social Insurance Scheme (NAWIS), Postal Services Housing Development (PHD) and Post Service Housing Savings and Loans (PHL).

Jacob L. Thornton