Legislation in Senegal: The opposition asked to stop the publication of the results

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The Senegalese opposition, formed by Yevvi Askan Vai and the Senegalese coalition Valu, is calling for the publication of the results of the Senegalese legislative elections to be held on Thursday. She thus wishes to allow herself the time to “point out all the irregularities observed in a few minutes”.

Both ruling and opposition camps are claiming victory in Senegal’s legislative elections held on Sunday. The opposition on Wednesday evening requested the postponement of the publication of the election results, scheduled for Thursday afternoon, August 3 to investigate its complaints following “irregularities” and “fraud” in Dakar.

“We ask the president of the National Commission for the Census of Votes (CNRV) to suspend the publication of the results scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) to allow us to identify all the irregularities that we have observed in the minutes. did,” announced at the meeting. During a press conference, Dethiye Fall, coalition leaders Yevvi Askan Wai (Free the people in Wolof) and Walu Senegal (Save Senegal), led by main rival Ousmane Sonko and former President Abdoulaye Wade respectively. (2000-2012).

Another coalition official, Aida Moboj, spoke of “ballot stuffing” and “prefabricated and unsigned minutes that they (the power) themselves wrote” in regions of northern Senegal, including Matam, Podor, Ranero and Kanel, the stronghold of President Sal. .

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According to him, the stake is “200,000 votes”. “The Senegalese people will oppose this massive fraud,” she said at the press conference.

Ousmane Sonko, leader of the Senegalese opposition, declared: “We are not going to accept the confiscation of the victory. It is certainly a large-scale fraud enterprise by politicians in collusion with the regional administration. He called on his supporters to be ready to defend their votes “no matter what”.

The opposition dreams of cohabitation

Nearly seven million Senegalese were called to the polls on Sunday to renew 165 seats in the National Assembly. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the turnout was 47%.

According to data published by the local press, the results of the camps in power and the opposition are very close.

The CNRV, chaired by the president of the Dakar Court of Appeal, is due to announce the results of the legislative elections on Thursday afternoon, which constitute a test 19 months from the presidential election.

The opposition claims to control parliament to enforce cohabitation on the power camp, unprecedented in this West African country.

She also wants to push President Mackie Sall to abandon the plan she has been given to run for president in 2024. The president, elected for a seven-year term in 2012 and re-elected for five years in 2019, is not not clear about his intentions. He has promised to appoint a prime minister – a post he cut in 2019 before being reinstated in December 2021 – for the party that won the election.

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