Letter to the editor: Cruz’s comments weren’t worth publishing

“That’s offensive. Black women are what, 6% of the American population? He says to 94% of Americans, I don’t give a fuck about you.”

This is the final quote in an article quoting the opinion of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the same senator who championed former President Donald Trump’s voter fraud allegations – even after the riot, and even after more than 60 judicial rejections of repeated challenges. Cruz voted against certification of the election results that night and said he had no ulterior motives about that vote.

“His political negatives are so strong. She’s not very good at that sort of thing. I mean, you saw the weird video of her with kids. It’s almost like a robot from Stepford Wives. It’s weird,” Cruz said.

This is another quote from the January 31, 2022 article that the Chronicle’s editor was convinced enough to publish on its website. Paper that informs and (supposedly) reflects our community. What’s the point of publishing an article about a senator from Texas so focused on shenanigans in Washington D.C., that he left his home state powerless in the face of big-energy machinations, and not just during the crisis of the winter 2020 (when Cruz notoriously decided to run away to Cancun, Mexico) but again this year since because he lied about fixing his power grid in Texas? How relevant are the words of an incompetent, lying senator from another state to Lewis County readers?

Ted Cruz backed the authoritarian rule of the man who publicly called Cruz’s own wife “fat and ugly.” How could he put up with such a racist man? (Perhaps because Cruz is one himself?) When we fail to stand up against misogyny and racism, we support them by default. Do the editors of The Chronicle love his racist and misogynistic statements so much? Do the staff at Chronicle think these words fit their own sexist and racist readership so perfectly that they just have to publish?

The Supreme Court has yet to accurately reflect the racial makeup of the United States, but at least our current president is trying to balance that. Our current president is not afraid to have women, even women of (breath!) color on the Supreme Court bench. Cruz, on the other hand, can’t stomach the idea that a woman could be as educated, as smart, as ambitious, and as shrewd as any man on the Supreme Court.

The Chronicle should return to an era of editorial ethics and support efforts for inclusion, rather than continuing petty opportunities to incite hatred and further divide our community. Please understand that not all readers of The Chronicle are morons whose opinions can be easily distorted by fabricated outrage and dog whistles at racism.

Cheryl Campbell


Jacob L. Thornton