LSU Football should have received more respect from the national publication

LSU Football has a lot to prove after going 11-11 over the past two seasons.

The Tigers hired Brian Kelly away from Notre Dame to lead the football program after parting ways with Ed Orgeron.

Coach O led the Tigers to a national championship two years ago, but he hasn’t been able to come close to championship-level success in the next two seasons.

LSU has the talent. And now they have a coach who has a reputation for winning wherever he has gone.

Can Kelly deliver great results?

247Sports thinks he will have LSU in the top 10 at least consistently.

LSU Football Receives Highest Respect From 247Sports

247Sports recently revealed their projected ranking in the top 25 for 2025.

And they had the Tigers at No. 9.

I think that’s kinda fair – considering Kelly has to prove he can make it in the SEC.

But that’s not where I would have ranked LSU.

It’s hard to argue that Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State are close to the top. There is no indication that these programs are slowing down anytime soon.

And I can see putting USC up there too. Lincoln Riley is a great coach. I have no doubt that he will overthrow the Trojan program.

But LSU at No. 9? That means 247Sports thinks they’re going to be a team heading into the college football playoffs. This should be the floor of LSU’s program, so it’s a good sign that 247Sports thinks the TIgers will be at this point in a few years.

LSU, however, didn’t hire Kelly to be part of the conversation — they hired him to win championships.

247Sports doesn’t seem to think that will be the case.

We’ll be back in a few years to see how correct/wrong 247Sports was. Everyone loves a good freezing cold snap, so hopefully the Tigers can prove 247Sports a little wrong.

By the way, I would have had LSU around No. 5.

Jacob L. Thornton