National publication predicts LSU football record in 2022

LSU football has a losing record over the past two seasons.

It’s a phrase no one in the sports media has been able to write for over two decades.

The Tigers are 11-12 since winning the national championship in 2019. They went 6-7 last season, including a loss to Kansas State in the Texas Bowl (which was only a loss as LSU had very little depth and no stock market quarterbacks on the roster).

With Ed Orgeron out and Brian Kelly in the lead, the wait for the Tigers in 2022 will be a winning season at the very least.

247Sports predicts LSU football record in 2022

247Sports predicts this week the record for every SEC team in 2022.

And while they don’t see LSU winning SEC West next season, they do at least see the Tigers making meaningful improvements.

247Sports has LSU 9-3 in 2022, with losses to Alabama, Arkansas and Texas A&M (Arkansas and Texas A&M games are on the road).

Here’s what they had to say about the Tigers:

What are Brian Kelly’s expectations as a freshman at LSU? We can tell you that what is expected inside this program will equal – if not exceed – the predictions surrounding the Tigers from a national perspective. The obvious barometer games against Alabama and Texas A&M stand out, but there are a few 50-50 games on LSU’s schedule that could take the 2022 campaign from good to great.

That seems fair enough, although I’m not sure I completely agree with their prediction. At least not how they have the season unfolding.

LSU beat Texas A&M last season with a smashed roster and a coach who was on the verge of leaving. I don’t think it’s fair to count this game as an automatic loss.

I don’t see the Arkansas game as an automatic loss either. The Tigers clearly have more talent than the Razorbacks. And that game is in November. By then, Kelly should have LSU running.

We’ll see how it goes. But I think fans should be optimistic for this upcoming season. I don’t see LSU crushing the college football playoffs, but I think this season could be better than a lot of people expect.

Jacob L. Thornton