NITI tells staff to get media articles cleared before publication: Indian Express

NITI Aayog officials have been ordered to have all “all editorials/articles” cleared before sending them to a media outlet for “external publication”, according to one in the Indian Express.

This was conveyed through written communication on May 12 as well as a recent meeting attended by NITI Vice President Suman Bery, CEO Parameswaran Iyer, other members and officials, sources told the newspaper. .

“The undersigned is required to transmit for strict compliance that all editorials/articles written by officers/officials of NITI Aayog, in which they identify themselves as an officer/officer/employee of NITI Aayog, which are sent for external publication in newspapers/magazines/news sites, etc. must be duly approved by the respective adviser… articles from senior advisers/advisors/vertical leads must be approved by the CEO,” the panel said in a statement.

“All editorials/articles should be sent for publication only through the communications vertical…the communications vertical will make the final call on whether the editorial/article meets the minimum quality standards acceptable for external publication” , did he declare.

However, the group’s official spokesperson told the Indian Express that the think tank “has issued general notices from time to time, encouraging due diligence when publishing articles. It is unfortunate that the Indian Express seems to misinterpret routine notices. NITI Aayog has always encouraged its employees to think and express themselves creatively, keeping in mind the rules of conduct of the government.

The spokesperson did not specify the dates on which these notices were issued.

Jacob L. Thornton