Publication doesn’t like Bucs offensive line depth –

Publication dislikes depth of Bucs offensive line

May 24, 2022

The mystery writer has a weird take.

Although this analysis comes from the website created by former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum, Joe finds it hard to believe he typed this.

Why is Joe guessing who concocted this story? Because there is no signature.

Within the 33rd team, someone (or a few people) picked the weakness of every NFL team. And strangely, the depth of the offensive line has been referred to as that of the Bucs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Offensive Line Depth

Tom Brady coming out of retirement certainly helped the Buccaneers retain many of their key free agents; however, one player the Bucs could have used this year was Alex Cappa who signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bucs were able to bring in Shaq Mason from the Patriots, but Cappa was an extremely important depth player who was able to make an impact when the Buccaneers offensive line suffered injuries. If the same thing happens again this season, the Buccaneers could be in trouble with their top replacement being unproven second-round pick Luke Goedeke. There aren’t many holes in this team, but offensive line depth could definitely come into play given the rigors of the NFL season.

So let Joe clear things up: Three-year-old starter Alex Cappa was a “deep hunk?” No wonder there isn’t a signature with such a lame analysis like this. A room deep? Joe can only guess who tapped that confused Cappa with Aaron Stinnie, but that’s just a guess as Stinnie is still on the list.

Offensive line depth shouldn’t be an issue.

If Luke Goedeke starts at left guard, that gives the Bucs solid depth with Nick Leverett and Stinnie. And Robert Hainsey can play in several positions.

If the Bucs have a weakness, it’s the depth of the defensive front.

Come on Tannenbaum, crack the whip on your stick. Joe understands that in about three weeks it will be time for the footballers to go on holiday, but they can’t dream so badly now.

Jacob L. Thornton