Publication Minutes ANNUAL ORGANIZATION – Wadena Pioneer Journal

Minutes of publication ANNUAL ORGANIZATIONAL & REGULAR BOARD MTG FRESHWATER ED DIST. #6004 01/26/2022 Wadena, MN Call to order by 2021 President R. VanDenheuvel at 5:00 p.m. Counsel Present: R. Thalmann – Henning; K. Howard-Menahga; B. Lund–Staples-Motley; C. Funk-Sebeka; C. Wolf – Long Prairie-Grey Eagle; B. Tumberg – Wadena-Deer Creek; S. Veronen – Verndale; R. VanDenheuvel – Bertha-Hewitt. Supt. D. Fjeldheim, Sebeka. Fed staff: E. Weber; L. Murdock (virtually) J. Anderson; S.Thiel. Absent: J. Hillmer – Browerville. Officer Rotation: MOTION BY Tumberg and 2ND BY Veronen to appoint the following officers for calendar year 2022, in accordance with current FED regulations; President: R. Thalmann, Vice-president: K. Howard; Registrar: B. Lund; Treasurer: C. Funk. VOTE-U/C. Agenda: MOTION BY Lund and 2ND BY Funk to approve the agenda as presented. VOTE-U/C Past Board Minutes: MOTION BY VanDenheuvel and 2ND BY Wolf to approve the minutes of 17.11.21 as presented. VOTE-U/C 2022 Council Organization – MOTION BY Tumberg and 2ND BY Funk to authorize the use of a signature plate to sign documents. VOTE-U/C. MOTION BY Howard and 2ND BY VanDenheuvel to appoint the following depositories: 1st International Bank of Staples, MN, Wadena State Bank of Wadena, MN, 1st International Bank of Ottertail, MN, and MN School District Liquid Asset Fund, plus any other financial institutions MN FDIC and to authorize designated personnel to invest funds in these institutions with proof of sufficient security. VOTE-U/C MOTION BY Lund and 2ND BY Tumberg to authorize designated personnel to conduct electronic funds transfers as directed by state statutes. VOTE-U/C MOTION BY Funk and 2ND BY Wolf to approve the board per diem for regular/special and committee meetings to be set at the per diem rate of $70 for meetings 4 hours or less and $130 for meetings of more than 4 hours per hour. Mileage to be reimbursed at the federal rate in force. VOTE-U/C MOTION BY VanDenheuvel and 2ND BY Tumberg to set the dates for regular board meetings as follows with the start time at 5:00 p.m.; 4/27/22, 6/22/22, 8/24/22 and 10/26/22 in Wadena, MN with special board meetings called as needed. VOTE-U/C MOTION BY Thalmann and 2ND BY Lund to nominate the Long Prairie Leader as the 2022 Official Newspaper. VOTE-U/C President Announces 2022 Staff Committee Appointments; S. Veronen, C. Funk and R. Thalmann. 2022 Presidential Appointments – Otter Tail Cty Collaborative: R. Thalmann; Collaborator Todd Cty: R. VanDenheuvel; Supv. Supt: D. Fjeldheim & L. Westrum and MREA Annual Associate Members and MSBA Full Members. MOTION BY Funk and 2ND BY VanDenheuvel to acknowledge the annual review of identified policies and actions to lead the Ex. The Director shall maintain the FED Policy Manual in accordance with MSBA-recommended legal revisions and/or mandatory legislative revisions. VOTE-U/C MOTION BY Veronen and 2ND BY Howard to nominate Hitesman & Associates, PA, Maple Grove; Kennedy & Graven, Minneapolis; Pederson & Pederson PA, Wadena, as well as Pemberton Law, Fergus Falls, as 2022 Law Firms. VOTE-U/C MOTION BY Tumberg and 2ND BY Howard to appoint designated personnel as FED E-Service Contacts. VOTE-U/C Regular Board Mtg Business and Finance – MOTION FROM VanDenheuvel and 2ND BY Lund to approve the voucher requests from 10/5/21-12/31/21 as presented. VOTE-U/C The following resolution is hereby MOVED BY Funk and 2ND BY Tumberg: Acknowledge that the Fed Board of Directors, No. 6004 gratefully accepts the following Future Reading Donations identified: Shirley’s Gas Station, Eagle Bend, MN ~$300; Mayer, Porter & Nelson LTD, Staples, MN ~$25; Staples Eye Clinic, Staples, MN ~$50; Nelson Insurance Agency, Inc., Staples, MN ~$50; Long Prairie Dairy Queen, Long Prairie, MN ~$100; MN-National Bank, Sauk Center, MN ~$50; Long Prairie Packing Co, Long Prairie, Minn. ~$150; Faith Lutheran Church Men, Staples, MN ~$25; Lincoln Area Business Association, Cushing, MN ~$500; VFW Auxiliary #3922, Wadena, MN ~$50; Lincoln Scandia Valley Lions Club Inc., Motley, MN ~$300; Mid-MN Federal Cred Union, Baxter, MN ~$200; Eagle Bend Lions Gambling, Eagle Bend, MN ~$500; American Legion Post 124, Motley, MN ~$200; Browerville Lions Gaming, Browerville, MN ~$250; American Legion Post 12, Long Prairie, MN ~$100 and Staples Lions Club, Staples, MN ~$250. VOTE on the adoptions of this Resolution was as follows; ABSTENTIONS: None. AYE: VanDenheuvel, Veronen, Tumberg, Wolf, Funk, Lund, Howard and Thalmann. NO: None ABSENT: Hillmer. ON WHICH the said resolutions were declared duly adopted. MOTION BY VanDenheuvel and 2ND BY Thalmann to approve the part-time project coordinator contract to cultivate your own project as presented. VOTE-U/C MOTION BY Howard and 2ND BY Tumberg to approve the revision II revision and summary of the revision II evaluation manual of the current AF-22 financial budget as follows; FUNDS REVENUE EXPENSES 01 General $12,153,508 $11,585,343 04 Community Service $1,055,680 $1,065,567 VOTE-U/C MOTION BY VanDenhuevel and 2ND BY Wolf to approve the submission of the 2022 Pay Equity Report. VOTE-U/C Department Reports Business Managers Report; Examined the Qtr. Financial, Facility Reserve Balances, OPEB Reserve Balances and Summary of FY22 Assessment. Executive Director’s Report; Review of the Inst. & Prog. Membership menu options; Fed Legislative Day; adviser to school principals; COVID updates; Possibility of buying an adjacent property. EBA; Currently 181 students are enrolled. ALC/TS; 16 schools participating in targeted services. ECFE/SR; The number of all programs has increased, currently serving 200 parents and 350 students; photos were shared of the activities that were offered. Technology; currently looking to update the phone and security camera system. Ed. fresh water. Foundation; summary of the revised balance. Staff Consent Agenda – MOTION BY VanDenheuvel and 2ND BY Tumberg to approve the Consent Agenda. at Funk’s request to remove item number ha Hiring of Heidi Meekins, paraprofessional SpEd b. Hiring of Miranda Matis, paraprofessional SpEd c. Increased hours for Kayla Kneisl, SpEd paraprofessional d. Hiring of Sheri McKeever, evaluation specialist e. Resignation of Betsy Larson, paraprofessional SpEd f. Retirement of Nettie Janson, Birth -3 Home Visitor/DAPE g. Hiring of Trisha Kraemer, physiotherapist Vote: U/C MOTION BY VanDenheuvel and 2ND BY Funk to approve the following; h. Increased hours for Terrie Aho, SpEd paraprofessional. Vote in favour; VanDenheuvel, Veronen, Tumberg, Wolf, Funk, Lund & Thalmann. Abstained: Howard. Adjournment – MOTION BY Funk and 2ND BY Tumberg to adjourn the meeting at 6:00 pm. VOTING: U/C. Summary of pre-approved publication RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED: _____________________________ Bruce Lund, Registrar

Jacob L. Thornton