Schilling fifth grader has poem selected for publication

Brodie Bunce. Photo courtesy of Micah Bunce”/>
Brodie Bunce. Photo courtesy Micah Bunce

Post Salina

Brodie Bunce is a budding bard.

Brodie, a fifth grader at Schilling Elementary School, was told earlier this month that his poem, Numbers, had been selected for inclusion in the upcoming Young American Poetry Digest. The poem is about where and when numbers are seen.

“The members of the selection panel are educators who select only the best submitted poems, poems particularly well written for the student’s age level,” included the notification letter.

“I was so happy that his poem was selected. At the start of our poetry unit, Brodie came up to me and asked if he could share a poem he had recently written. I could tell that he had worked hard on his poem and even practiced presenting so I was proud that all his hard work paid off and he got the recognition he deserved,” Brodie’s teacher said. , Nora Rindt, at the Salina Post.

Rindt said she had heard about the poetry contest, and when Brodie asked to share her poem, she thought she would give him a chance to share it with a wider audience.

“It was not only a way for Brodie to take pride in his work, but it also gave him the opportunity to show off his talent. I think it’s important that the children are recognized for their hard work and their talent,” Rindt said. “I just wish people knew that Brodie is such a hardworking student. He always wants to do his best and isn’t afraid to put in the extra effort or practice to achieve what he wants. He deserves really such an impressive accomplishment.”

Brodie’s father, Micah, also spoke highly of Rindt and Schilling Elementary School.

“He has one of the most amazing teachers. She noticed one day he was writing poetry and asked him if he would like to publish a poem one day and he said yes,” Micah Bunce told the Salina Post.

“It’s a big thing on two levels,” he continued. “An educator recognized a student’s love for writing and gave him the opportunity to try something new, and confirmed his success and joy when he received his acceptance letter from Schilling Elementary School continues to be a top school of caring staff and leadership.

Jacob L. Thornton