StreetWise Chicago, the nation’s oldest street publication, celebrates its 30th anniversary

CHICAGO (WLS) — A publication that has helped the homeless for 30 years makes Chicago proud as it celebrates a milestone anniversary!

StreetWise commemorated the day with a party at its headquarters in the South Loop.

The magazine began as an alternative to begging and is the nation’s longest-running street publication.

StreetWise is a social enterprise whose mission is to help the city’s homeless and at-risk community achieve financial stability by selling the magazine, the publication said. They also provide daily meals, hygiene and medical supplies, access to government benefits, and even a stable address to receive mail.

“It’s a job. It wasn’t a helping hand, it was a helping hand and while I’m delighted it’s still going. I wish we were bankrupt because that means we have solved homelessness,” Judd Lofchie said. , founder of StreetWise. “40% of our suppliers get jobs or housing. It was a great race.”

The magazine is sold on the streets of Chicago by low-income or homeless vendors, considered micro-entrepreneurs. They buy issues of the magazine for $1.15 each and resell them for $3.00 plus tip, according to the company.

They use the proceeds to meet their basic needs and embark on a path of economic mobility, StreetWise said.

The magazine first hit the streets of Chicago on August 24, 1992.

For more information on how you can support StreetWise, visit the Chicago Metropolitan YWCA website.

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Jacob L. Thornton