The job demands posting messages suggesting a second No. 10 flat rally

Labour’s Angela Rayner has called for an investigation into text messages suggesting a second rally took place in flat No 10 on Boris Johnson’s birthday.

Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie have both been fined for breaking Covid rules at a birthday celebration for the Prime Minister (Jacob King/PA) - PA Wire

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Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie have both been fined for breaking Covid rules at a birthday celebration for the Prime Minister (Jacob King/PA) – PA Wire

According The Sunday Timesmessages sent by the Prime Minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, appear to show she was in the flat with several friends on the evening of June 19, 2020.

The alleged event is not mentioned in senior civil servant Sue Gray’s report on the reopening events which was released on Wednesday following the conclusion of the Metropolitan Police investigation.

It is also separate from a birthday celebration held for Mr Johnson in the Cabinet Room earlier the same day – an event for which the couple both received fixed penalty notices.

Under Covid regulations, indoor socializing was prohibited, but exemptions were available for work purposes.

A spokesperson for Ms Johnson insisted Ms Gray was “aware of the exchanges as part of her thorough investigation into the alleged breaches”.

However, Ms Rayner claimed it ‘looks like another cover-up and there are new questions for the Prime Minister to answer for his involvement’.

In a letter to Cabinet Secretary Simon Case – published on Sunday evening – the deputy Labor leader demanded that messages relating to the gathering in the flat be published and investigated.

Referring to reports in The Sunday Timesshe said a rally at apartment No 10 on June 19, 2020 was first reported earlier this year but dismissed as “totally untrue” by a spokesperson for No 10.

Video: Loose Women panel clash with Angela Rayner over Boris Johnson’s party scandal (Liverpool Echo)

Loose Women panel clashes with Angela Rayner over Boris Johnson party scandal

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In a series of questions, Ms Rayner asked if Mr Case had received correspondence from No 10 staff ‘indicating that this third gathering had taken place’ and if he had provided any evidence to Ms’s inquiry. Grey.

She also asked whether Mr Johnson was present at the rally on June 19, 2020 and whether any other ministers or officials attended the alleged rally.

She added: “It is crucial that you now advise the Prime Minister to come clean about his involvement in this apparently rule-breaking gathering.

“Given the public interest at stake, I request that you release his correspondence relating to this event and his whereabouts as of Friday, June 19, 2020 and publish the relevant messages you have received, as well as deliver them to the Privileges Committee to consider as part of their investigation.

Earlier, No 10 did not deny the event took place, but said: ‘As per the terms of reference, the Gray Inquiry was able to look at other gatherings where there were credible allegations and those- these would be covered by the general conclusions of its finale. report.

“Downing Street staff have been given clear instructions to retain any additional relevant information and to co-operate fully with the investigation.”

They added: “The process rightly involved sharing information continuously with the Metropolitan Police. The Metropolitan Police have concluded their investigations and set out their findings.”

A spokesperson for Ms Johnson also said The Independent“As The Sunday Times acknowledges, Sue Gray was aware of these exchanges as part of her extensive investigation into the alleged misconduct.

“Staff have been given ample opportunity to present evidence, including these messages, and all relevant information has been passed to the Metropolitan Police for investigation.”

They added: ‘The lunchtime gathering in the Cabinet Room on June 19, 2020 was subsequently found to be in breach and a Fixed Penalty Notice issued to Ms Johnson, among others, for which she s apologized unreservedly and promptly paid the fine.”

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Jacob L. Thornton