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UKRAINE. The Moodie Davitt Report is proud to launch Travel Retail United – part of our commitment to support the people of Ukraine at a time when millions are displaced due to the Russian invasion of their country.

It is a strictly humanitarian project rather than a political one. We have been generously supported by individuals and companies involved in the travel retail industry around the world.

However, instead of traditional advertising, donors were given the opportunity to provide an appropriate humanitarian or peace message. Some did precisely that while others chose to simply put their name in the post or make an anonymous donation.

Click here to open Travel Retail United – a special publication in support of the relief effort in Ukraine

Besides our own donation and that of our team members (the Moodie Davitt report also matches all staff contributions), we absorb all design, distribution and other freelance costs. Every penny collected is donated to the Humanitarian Appeal for Ukraine in association with the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). The donations will help Ukrainian families with food, water, hygiene items and other vital supplies.

As we note in the foreword, travel retail is a global community, part of the broader aviation, tourism and travel sectors that bring our world together in so many beautiful ways. Sectors that promote a better human understanding of other cultures, tastes, traditions, history and heritage. Such appreciation is essential to creating a better and more peaceful world. The atrocities and humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine represent the antithesis of these values.

It is to be hoped that this futile, tragic and disastrous war will soon come to an end and that the unimaginable suffering of the Ukrainian people, whether refugees or at home, will not continue. But hope neither helps nor nourishes the dispossessed. Travel Retail United is a small but important initiative to provide practical support at a time when it is so desperately needed.

*To note: Individuals and businesses can still contribute to the industry fundraising campaign through a recently launched Just Giving page, accessible at this link. Donations of any amount are welcome.

Jacob L. Thornton