Ukrainian publication Kyiv Post says website hacked amid Russian cyberattacks: Here’s what’s going on

Russia has launched a military operation against Ukraine. Russia led by Vladamir Putin has launched a military operation on its neighboring country at the request of Ukraine to become a member of NATO. Russian President Vladamir Putin previously demanded that no NATO military activity take place in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Western nations, including the United States, said it was an attempt by Russia to occupy the sovereign state. Today, in addition to weapons, Russia is also launching cyberattacks in Ukraine. The latest is an attack on the main Ukrainian media, Kyiv Post. According to a tweet from the publication, Kyiv Post’s main website has been subject to “constant cyberattacks since the moment Russia launched a military offensive against Ukraine.”

“Dear friends and supporters. Our main Kyiv Post site has been under constant cyberattack ever since Russia launched its military offensive against Ukraine. We are and will do our best to keep you informed during this difficult time. Slava Ukrainian! Heroyam Slava!” read the tweet.

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According to previous reports, Russia has launched attacks against Ukrainian government websites, as well as other banking institutions that can cripple the nation. There are reports that Russia is using malware named “Wiper” which has the ability to destroy all data stored in a system as well as making it impossible to retrieve it.

Some hacking tools used by Russia were developed recently, about two months ago, to attack Ukraine’s cyber assets. This means that developing powerful counterattacks for this malware will take some time, giving attackers an advantage.

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This is not the first time that Russia has invaded Ukraine in the recent past. In 2014, Russia attacked Ukraine when Ukraine deposed its pro-Russian president. The two countries had reached a peace agreement in Minsk to end the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, but as the conflict continues, Russia has sent peacekeepers to the region where the conflict is brewing . According to official figures, more than 14,000 people lost their lives due to the long-term effects of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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Jacob L. Thornton