Venari Medical Announces Publication of Preclinical Data in Leading Scientific Journal Phlebology and Changes Name to InVera Medical

Galway, Ireland, February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — InVera Medical is pleased to announce the publication of its preclinical feasibility study of the InVera Minimally Invasive Mechanical-Only Vein Ablation Device in Phlebology, an official journal of several international vein societies.

The study showed that the InVera device can safely achieve chronic fibrous vein occlusion by an exclusively mechanical mechanism of action in a recognized large animal model.

Unlike vein ablation devices on the market today, the InVera device has a nonthermal, purely mechanical action that offers two key differentiations that can improve clinical safety and effectiveness for patients with chronic venous disease:

  1. An exclusively mechanical action with no implant, chemical sclerosant or glue left in the circulatory system.
  2. No risk of thermal injury to surrounding structures in the anatomical region below the knee, a key treatment target area for patients with severe disease causing venous leg ulcers.

Many thanks to our co-authors: Lowell Kabnick MD and Dr. Sean Hynes.

The purely mechanical endovenous approach of the InVera device demonstrates enormous potential to offer effective and less invasive treatment by eliminating many of the disadvantages of current devices in the treatment of chronic venous disease,” added Lowell Kabnicklead study author and director of clinical operations for InVera Medical.

InVera Medical, an innovative medical device company advancing the minimally invasive treatment of chronic venous disease based on Galway (Ireland), also announces that it has successfully completed the rebranding. The company was previously known as Venari Medical.

About InVera Medical – Scientific Development for Life Changing Results in Venous Disease

Founded in 2018, InVera Medical has developed a strong intellectual property position by developing a purely mechanical endovascular approach for the treatment of venous diseases. Utilizing the body’s natural healing mechanism, the new InVera Catheter System provides effective mechanical vein rupture at the cellular level to heal symptoms. This allows for a less invasive and more effective treatment for all patients with cardiovascular disease, but especially patients with venous leg ulcers will benefit the most. The InVera device is currently intended for investigational research only, regulatory approval in the US and EU is expected in 2024.

InVera Medical’s mission is focused on innovating unparalleled, safe, effective, and patient-centered medical devices that improve the quality of life for people with debilitating vascular diseases. See more at

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