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We are recruiting for spring 2022! Applications must be sent before Monday January 3 at 5 p.m. To apply, click here.

Joining the Daily Sundial allows students to gain valuable experience writing, editing, producing and promoting content in a newsroom environment. Working with the sundial provides staff members with different types of content that can be added to a resume or portfolio. This type of experience can be applied to several disciplines beyond journalism as it opens the doors to many careers where content creation, writing, communication and research skills are invaluable.

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Multimedia editor

Summary: The Media Editor is responsible for working with staff members to create and edit media components for display online and on social media platforms. This position will also create and produce content for digital media and coordinate with publishers to delegate multimedia stories. Experience with video and audio editing software is preferred.

Multimedia editor assistant

Summary: The Assistant Media Editor works closely with the Media Editor in all aspects of production, such as research, editing, audio script development and story ideas. This position will work with section editors, staff and contributors to create and edit multimedia components to appear online and on social media platforms. Experience with video and audio editing software is preferred.

Section editor (s)

Summary: Section editors are responsible for finding and developing stories, planning content, maintaining a story budget, and coordinating content production. A section editor will also work with and mentor staff, reporters and contributors to develop articles for the section and edit the articles as they arrive.

Assistant editor (s)

Summary: Assistant Editors work closely with Section Editors in all aspects of production, such as research, editing, writing, fact-checking, and article idea development. It also includes working with and mentoring staff, journalists and contributors to develop stories.

Copy editor

Summary: The editor-in-chief position is responsible for maintaining grammar, punctuation and consistency of the AP style for all print and online stories. This editor is responsible for correcting factual errors and writing inconsistencies, as well as fine-tuning the language to be clear and engaging.

Social media editor

Summary: This position will coordinate with desktop editors and verify WordPress online content. The publisher will decide which content is best suited for each social media platform. The social media editor will work with the section editors to ensure that there is a cohesive social media presence that effectively promotes Sundial content. This person will be expected to cover events, develop social media campaigns, and train journalists to create platform content that compliments and interacts with the Sundial audience.


Summary: The Illustrator is responsible for working with Section Editors to plan and create graphics for online, print, and social media content. This position will require the creation of images that help readers fully understand the connection to the article or content produced. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is required.

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Jacob L. Thornton