What Russia is referring to: Invader-controlled publication released video with ISS collapse

What Russia is referring to: An occupation-controlled publication published a video with the collapse of the ISS

ISS/Norbert Kowalczyk

The Russian propaganda publication “RIA Novosti” published an amazing video. In it, the artists depicted the separation of the ISS into several parts.

Space news blog NASA Watch posted a video on its page, drawing attention to tongue-in-cheek music playing in the background. “Rogozin clearly threatens the ISS program,” they say.

Roscosmos threatens NASA

  • From the moment Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian space agency, first threatened to disconnect the Russian segment of the ISS, little time has passed.
  • Then Elon Musk said that his company SpaceX was ready to replace Roscosmos, taking over the tasks performed today by the modules of the occupying country – maintaining a huge ship in a stable orbit.

“The Russian government-controlled RIA Novosti posted a video on Telegram, made by Roscosmos, where cosmonauts say goodbye to Mark Vande Hay on the ISS, leave, then the Russian segment separates from the rest of the ISS Rogozin clearly threatens the ISS program.

It is still unclear what Rogozin threatens – to “dump” the ISS into the atmosphere, where the station will simply turn off, or simply remove the Russian part and fly out on your own.

Jacob L. Thornton